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Brass Herald Spotlight

The Brass Herald was launched in August 2003 and covers the whole range of brass. From Brass Bands to Orchestral brass, Salvation Army bands to Big Bands and Military Bands to Jazz.

Ladies of Brass featured some of the worlds leading female brass players and Bella Tromba was interviewed for the publication.

Denis Wick Artists

Denis Wick Ltd. hold a leading role in the global production of brass mutes and mouthpieces.

Bella Tromba perform as a Denis Wick Artist and...

Brass Chicks Interview 

Brass Chicks is a blog written for and by women who play brass instruments.  It aims to create a space to share our personal stories, appreciate what other musicians are doing, and to perpetuate discussion of what it means to be a woman in this male-dominated industry.  Brass Chicks is here to record our history, celebrate our present, and build our future.